Working over 65 - opportunity or obligation?

Loughton JCP signOn Monday The Guardian published a comment piece by Michele Hanson, '70-year-old baristas? The government should wake up and smell the coffee'.

As the article by-line says,

'As more people are forced to work later in life, DWP advice for bosses to make concessions to older employees looks farcical – and our future looks frightening'

Wise Age has been campaigning for years to get the government to allow the DWP to reinstate the support programmes to help the 50+ back into employment and self employment. We need the government to reinforce our message to employers that 'Hiring older workers and having an age diverse workforce boosts your profits, productivity and employee loyalty'.

We support the separation of pension age from retirement age which allows 13 million over 65s to work because they want to and where the employer benefits. However we do not think that people should be forced to work after 65 and that it should be recognised that many people are forced to work longer due to the low level of pension provision, in particular for older carers.
We recommend that you read Michele Hanson's comment piece, which is here: 70-year-old baristas? The government should wake up and smell the coffee 

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