Wise Age Training for ROPES Members Old and New

Ropes LogoWise Age is now starting to prepare a new round of specialist one day training sessions for ROPES Members and associates starting in January, to be held in both East and South East / Central London. The first day will be on Employer Engagement - how to go about researching suitable employers in your area, suitable to your clients and how best to promote both older working age people and Age Diversity to

Wise age will be running 3 day training the trainer sessions for new members across the 19 boroughs in the East, North , Central and South East ESF sub regions. If you have new members of staff / volunteers who would benefit we may be able to include them in the training cohort.
Wise Age will also be running our AEEN meetings for South east and East London members starting in January - please confirm the contact details of the person in your organisation that we need to inform.

Please let us know what additional subjects that you would like to receive training in or subjects for ROPES Members meeting you would like addressed.

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