The employment and poverty crisis facing the older workers

There are 3.5 million people aged 50- 65 who are not in employment. However as only around 400,000 are eligible for Job Seekers Allowance  and do not therefore feature on the headline Unemployment figures  this  has not been seen as a problem needing to be fixed.
But if the government demands that people have to work until 67 by the early 2020they have to help ensure that means work is available and not that as, at present, that more and more older people are left workless on meagre benefits when they want to work.

There may be more support for 50+ Job Seekers

At long last, after 5 years where the older worker was cut off from funded support, it appears that the  Government, DWP, and JCP  have started to realise they need to help older working age unemployed . This is what we at Wise Age and other older working people's organisations like TAEN have been saying unemployment and ever since the crisis - that the 50+ have been nearly as badly hit by unemployment and austerity as the youngest workers.

Wise Age joins Positive Ageing in London ( PAiL).

Chris Walsh, the Chief Exec of Wise Age  joined and attended the 15th June meeting of the Positive Ageing in London network and will now be working with them and their members to be spreading best practice around older working age and employment and training.
The organisation which operates at the Age UK has carried out useful research into the situation facing older Londoners as well as trying to get their voices heard in government.