Helping Over 50s in Tower Hamlets Find Work

Wise Age won a small contract to help 50+ Tower Hamlets residents - both those registered as unemployed on JSA or Universal Credit and also all those who are without a job but would like one .

Chris Walsh Wise Age Chief Exec said 'We are pleased that our great work in helping older workers overcome ageism among employers and find the jobs they want and need has been recognised by Tower Hamlets and London Councils in awarding this European Social Fund contract.'

Wise Age is starting to register applicants to start on their highly successful 50+ employment support programme on December 10 from 11 o'clock at Tower Hamlets Financial Health Centre, Massingham Street. Contact us to register

Over 50s Lead in Recruitment Stakes

Over 50s are now taking the lead in jobs growth, particularly women. This is great news for we older working age people and for Wise Age who have been campaigning to promote the benefits of older workers and age diversity to employers as well as offering training and support to over 50s people seeking employment.

As more employers see the positive impact on their profits, productivity and staff morale when they take on older aged staff and have a more age balanced workforce this is now impacting on jobs growth here in the UK. We welcome this new trend and offer more information and support to both employers and to seniors seeking work in our Employment best practice guides on this site.

Ageism Costs Money

MPs have confirmed what Wise Age has been saying and campaigning for over the past seven years, that ageism against the over 50s is leading to a waste of human potential and a waste to the economy. The silver economy (the amount of money earned and spent by the over 50s) is a key element in maintaining our economy and with rising 50+ levels of consumption goes a greater need by employers to employ over 50s to meet their needs.