Working longer, over 50s feel unsupported

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Image by: Ahsan Shahbaz

A survey taken by Aviva found that nearly half half of the older workers in the UK feel unsupported by their employers.

In the survey, taken of 2,500 adults, it found people over 50 were more confident about their ability to keep up at work than their younger counterparts, but at the same were feeling more secure about their skills.

Employers clearly need to do more to help this age group, perhaps allowing workers to do flexitime as well as making them feel respected and trusted.

The survey found that around 40% of the over50s were having to extend their working lives due to rising living costs and/or because they did not have sufficient pension savings.

UK employers are being urged to step up workplace support as 6.4 million over-50s face longer working lives.

Lindsey Rix, managing director of savings and retirement at Aviva said staff needed "fulfilling careers regardless of their age".

"Our findings suggest that older employees have a lot to offer at work, despite the challenges they face around workplace support.

To make the most of this, employers need to provide rounded support for this generation where their wellbeing and work-related needs are considered alongside the financial challenge of saving for retirement."

Read more about the Aviva survey: Click here to go to the Survey results.





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