Older People and the General Election

We are working with other age organisations to try to produce key recommendations and concerns relating to older people that we hope maybe useful for you to raise with potential candidates. In the meantime please go to the Age UK website (https://www.ageuk.org.uk/our-impact/campaigning/general-election-2019) to see their election manifesto for older people, which may give you some inspiration. If you have key concerns that relate directly to the situation of older working age people (50- 66+) and working pensioners (66+) please send them to us at this site.

Wise Age Awarded New Contracts

Wise Age is now moving towards the successful completion of its 2 contracts with the DWP in East London (Hackney and Tower Hamlets). We have nearly completed our 80 registration of starts for both our contract to help over 50s into work and also for our contract Helping those 50+ furthest away from the job market get ready for work.  We are also pleased that nearly all of our candidates are now nearing the completion of their support programme. We are on course to reach our target of getting people into work and hope that as usual we can exceed this target.

Besides the 80 people we have registered and are helping we have also recruited and offered support through 121s and group training to many more since the programme started in March this year. The contract will end next March. We hope that with our successful track record of getting registered 50+ clients into work (between 45- 50% as opposed to the national average of 15%) we may be able to successfully tender for more contracts both in East London and elsewhere in London sub regions. Anyone wishing to have us as partners in the delivery of 50+ work programme please contact us as per our contact details.

Wise Age have been awarded a contract by the LB of Tower Hamlets in partnership with the London Councils ESF fund to deliver support to 16 Tower Hamlets 50+ people looking for work, 12 of them will not be registered on DWP employment programmes. This support programme will be starting very soon and we are currently recruiting for clients , so anyone wishing to apply for this project and access our help who is 50+ and living in Tower Hamlets please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Silver Economy & the Opportunities it Offers

This is a presentation which our Chief Exec made at a conference in Belgrade to a pan European audience of people and organisations interested in both making work a healthier place to be and supporting an age friendly approach to business. As can be seen the silver economy is a major motor for growth in the UK, Europe and global economies with more people living, working and enjoying life longer. As we babyboomers are now a generation with increased disposable income as well as increasing desires and needs everyone including business and government needs to wake up to what this economic dynamo has to offer and either get with it or fall by the wayside.

The Silver Economy A Great Opportunity Wise Age Chris Guite

The Silver Economy
  • The silver economy is a new and growing market and demand which will require new and innovative product and service development, and is growing  rapidly, both across the UK, EU and globally.
  • Whoever is able to take the lead in developing  high quality customer focused trained services & new and adapted products  to supply the needs of this market will become as  successful as those in the forefront of the technological and communications revolution.
  • Countries that are able to facilitate and support the development of this sector will see their exports rise, while those that do not, will require large scale imports to meet the rising needs of this market sector in their own countries.
The Positive Global Age Tsunami
  • The basic trends and statistics are already known, in relation to the growth of the over 50s, over 65s and over 80s and further growth of this sector widely predicted. Yet it remains at best a niche market for business, economists, planners and governments, with little coherent research or analysis  of the  potential of the silver economic sector as a discreet entity and no strategic planning at sector or national levels in most countries in the world.
  • There are exceptions, one of which is Japan. They are now taking the first technological steps towards understanding and meeting the needs of this market  in Japan, as they themselves are in the forefront of ageing societies.