Networking & Partnering Activity

As part of our networking and partnership work, Wise Age is happy to promote a series of events being run by Positive Ageing in London ( PAiL) in partnership with the GLA/Mayor of London's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) TEAM.

Chris Walsh, our Chief Exec is also chair of PAiL and a member of the EDI working group, has been in the forefront of efforts to help make London an Age Friendly City. Following a conference held at City Hall in May, and chaired by Chris, where the Deputy Mayor for EDI spoke and introduced their Age Friendly city commitment, it was agreed that older people would take the lead in facilitating this programme in partnership with GLA officials and elected reps. To do this 8 working groups have been set up to develop strategies around each of the 8 World Health Organisation's domains or themes. These groups are meeting to agree the current research and situation relating to each topic based on research carried out by GLA officers, plus agree key recommendations and concerns raised by older people, based on previous agreed Recommendations arising from past PAiL conferences and other work on policies and demands raised by member organisations such as the National Pensioners Convention, retired members groups of Trade Unions, Age UK London and other organisations who are part of the London Stake Olders network. These domains include Employment (in which Wise Age are playing an active role) , Community Support and Health Services (including Social Care), Transport, Communication and Information (including Digitalisation), Housing, Social Participation and Civic Participation, Respect and Social Inclusion plus an Open Spaces and Buildings / Street audit.

At the end of the initial meetings of each of these groups, we will have drawn up a draft list of actions, priorities, research results and Recommendations / demands - which will then form the basis of a wider discussion open to all our members and other concerned older Londoners to agree a final plan for that domain. This will then lead to a wider Conference to draw up an agreed action plan to make London an age friendly city, including proposals for the Mayor's Office for implementation. This was supposed to take place on Friday 1st November at City hall, but the GLA have cancelled it and will let us know a new date later on There will be two one-day training sessions helping people to become age friendly street auditors and age friendly champions on Thursday 12th September at London Met University, Holloway Road and on Friday 13th at Sainsbury's training centre on the Strand from 10am.

We hope that the older Londoners recommendations will then form an Older Londoners Manifesto which can be put to all parties and candidates before next year's GLA/ Mayoral elections. Anyone interested can contact us or PAiL for more details. Email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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