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Wise Age & ATDAL 40+ volunteers at Rome's Trevi Fountain


Funded by the EU Grundtvig Life Long Learning Programme EVOLVE is a partnership between London-based Wise Age and Italian-based Associazione Nazionale per la Tutela dei Diritti dei Lavoratori 40+ (ATDAL 40+) with offices in Milan, Turin and Rome. As a Senior Volunteering Project EVOLVE provides learning and development for senior volunteers (50+) living in areas of economic disadvantage. {The project was under the auspices of Wise Owls Employment from August 2012 until March 2014 when it passed to Wise Age].

The Project seeks to enhance cooperation between Wise Age and Atdal 40+  through the exchange of 6 volunteers for a period of 4 weeks to work in the partner’organisation.

Volunteers from each partner organisation share their experience and knowledge of working with older job seekers and the issues they face in their home country with their host organisation and learn from them to together form an improved awareness, knowledge and understanding of the situation of age and employment in each country and the different strategies and approaches that are known to have been successfully used to support older workers back into employment or training.

As part of their remit volunteers have also carried out practical audits which will contribute to the development of strategies desigend to help London and Rome become ‘age-friendly’ cities.

The project has now formally ended and been approved by the UK National; Agency: Ecorys, on behalf of the European Commission. See Final Report Outcome Letter

Italian Volunteers visit to LONDON (November 2013)


 Italian volunteers enjoy an evening out in London with Wise Age Chair Margaret Trotter

Italian volunteers spent 4 weeks in London during November 2013 and at the end of their visit shared their findings through 4 presentations

1. The London Experience -  temporarily unavailable

2. London: an Age-Friendly City?

3. External Meetings attended by ATDAL 40+   

4. ATDAL 40+ Work done at Wise Owls Employment 

A Calendar of their activities whilst in London can be seen here

ATDAL 40+ Report of their London Visit can be seen here.

Two films: 'EV OLVE: six Italian volunteers in London' and 'ADTAL 40+ presentation of findings'  can be viewed in the Playlist at the bottom of this page.  

UK Volunteers Visit to ROME (March 2014)

Wise Age volunteers spent 4 weeks in Rome during March 2014  - they set up a  blog to cover their journey. You can see a record of their travels and travailes here .


      Wise Age volunteers improve their Italian language skills 

 A Calendar of their activities whilst in Rome can be seen here.

A Report EVOLVE Project: Wise Age in Rome describes volunteers' findings in relation to the employment situation of older working age adults in Italy and compares it to that in the UK. It also considers the differences and similarities between Wise Age and Atdal 40+ in addressing age and employment issues.

Volunteers from Wise Age shared their experience of Rome with ATDAL 40+ through two group presentations and number of individual presentations:

The Group Presentation The EVOLVE Visit to ROME, March 2014 summarises their findings in relation to age and employment. 

Volunteers also undertook surveys in relation to the Age Friendly Cities initiativeRome: An Age Friendly City? summarises their findings. 

Volunteer's individual presentations can be accessed below: 

1My Personal Journey whilst in Rome by Marianne Regan. 

2. One Month in Rome  by Kezban Hussein

3. Tangoby Margaret Trotter 

4. 'A Month in Rome'  a film by Barbara Susman, can be viewed in the Playlist below.

5. Rome: First Impressionsby Donald Weighton

6An Adventure in Rome by Teresa Lefort Part 1 and Part II.

Three further films by Margaret Trotter can be viewed in the Playlist below:

Teresa Lefort on Life Long Learning 

New Horizons co-operative working in Rome (COMING SOON)

- I talia Lavoro: Ministerial Changes to the Work Programme 

Whilst in Rome Wise Age volunteers visited ISFOL - the Agenzia nationale LLP.  The six presentations made to them are available below:

1. Practices & Experience in the framework of Leonardo Da Vince Projects: Click here 

2. Demographic situation and national ageing policies in Italy: Click here

3. Labour market services and older workers, some research inputs: Click here .

4. Best Practices Survey in dealing with the problem of an aging workforce by private companies. Click here

5ISFOL for Age management: The EsfAge Network. Click here

6. The CE-Ageing Platform Project. Click here

A video interview recorded on volunteers' EVOLVE trip to Rome. (Playlist no.2)
The film is in Italian for first 3 mins, as Walter Deitinger, President of Atdal40+ is interviewed, and then Donald Weighton, our WISE OWLS and WISEAGE volunteer is interviewed about WISE OWLS. Translation of Italian. 

News and picture from the Performare website

As part of the Senior Volunteering Project (SVP) " EVOLVE " funded by the European Union program  Grundtvig - Lifelong Learning.  The Italian association ATDAL 40+ partnered with WISE OWLS  and WISE AGE to bring 6 British colleagues to Rome.
Performare hosted the delegation from WISE AGE,  a  not-for-profit  organisation committed to the continuing education and work of adults aged over 50.  In addition to the mutual exchange of knowledge of our training services, we useful engaged in the analysis of the impact of  'Life Long Learning' programme in EU countries and on future developments. 
The findings show that
"Better educated people more often have indefinite full time job contacts, earn more, more often postpone retirement and participate in formal and non-formal education.  In many countries this knowledge is widely spread and adults continue learning in consecutive stages of their professional life".





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