Wise Age is currently running three campaigns:

Brexit and Older People

Wise Age supports a number of campaigns around age and employment related issues. Here is a copy of a letter sent to David Davis and the Parliamentary Committee on Exiting the EU raising point of concern for older people, which WiseAge supports and would ask you to do so also, raising these points to MPs and government.

In addition Wise Age supports the campaign for all our rights and protections that have been transferred back to the UK Parliament to be enshrined in a Bill of Rights. Wise Age also supports the campaign for older working women to not suffer financial hardship as a result of the rushed introduction of retirement age for women to be raised from 60 to 65 so quickly and with little notice.
CLICK HERE to download the Letter.

Age Diversity Declaration
AGE DIVERSITY DECLARATION Document – click here to download

The Charter for Older Workers
OLDER WORKERS CHARTER Document – click here to download

Wise Age also support other campaigns related to age.


Wise Age and partners have developed key campaign documents - the Older Workers Charter and the Age Diversity Declaration which we hope people will use and circulate to their MPs. employers, government, MPs and Lords plus local councils to spread the positive message of age diversity and counter the ageism still rampant in employment and society.


By 2030, there will be almost 13 million people in later life aged 65 or over.  Please click here to read more about the Campaign.


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