Wise Age is involved in a wide range of activities which aim to improve the situation of older working-age adults. Activities range from promoting intergenerational communication and understanding, campaigning for age diversity in the workplace, support to organisations offering direct support to 50+ jobseekers, and adult learning.

We are engaged with partners both in the UK and from across the EU in developing and sharing best practice in order to improve the availability and quality of support for older adults 50 – 65+ years, not only those seeking employment or self-employment but also older workers who are often discriminated against when it comes to the allocation of training resources.

Our current projects include:


A.C.T. for SHARE Project (SHARE) 2013-2015

SHARE is a European transnational project funded by the EU Lifelong Learning GRUNDTVIG Programme. Five partners – from Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK (Wise Age), have been working together to promote intergenerational communication and understanding through broadcasting discussions involving both older people (aged 50+) and younger people (under 25years and not in formal education or training). 

Resourcing Older People’s Employment Support (ROPES) 

ROPES aims to improve the availability and quality of employment support to people aged 50+ in six London boroughs: Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets in the east London; and Lambeth, Lewisham & Southwark in south London. It is a 2 year pilot project which Wise Age is hoping to roll out London-wide from 2016.

Age-Friendly Cities

Wise Age believes older people are key to determining the extent to which cities are age-friendly. As part of the EVOLVE Project 2012-2014 volunteers from Rome, Milan and Turin undertook age-audits of different areas of London during a 4-week stay in the capital in November 2013. In March 2014 six volunteers from London undertook similar surveys during a stay in Rome. Visit our EVOLVE page for further details.Wise Age continues to seek partnerships to further develop work relating to age-friendly cities.